Our Features

House Music Community On-Air startup live streaming platform that comes with uninterrupted streaming, HD Quality, unlimited viewers, and more!

We offer two-channel options for live streaming the Basic plan and the Brand plan. Both plans come with a 30-Day FREE Trial.

Basic:  30-Day FREE Trail then a monthly payment of $9.99

1. Clients on our current Basic plan can stream for Free up to 30 hours per month (as we grow so will the number of hours per month).  Unused hours do not carry over into the next month.

2. Those under the Basic plan are subject to targeted sponsor ads. Those ads allow us to keep the platform running.

View an example of our Basic channel:

Basic: www.hmconair.com/basic/ 


30-Day FREE Trail then a monthly payment of $29.99

1. The Brand Channel is perfect for Brands, Event Promoters, Producers, Bands, etc. Brand Channel Owners have the option to monetize their channel without our sponsored ads and can obtain their own paying sponsor ads to run on their channel.

2. Note: During the 30-Day FREE Trial you will broadcast on the Basic Channel set-up. Once your trial is over or you upgrade we will build out your custom/private Brand Channel.

View an example of our Brand channel:

Brand: www.hmconair.com/brand/


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    1. Our Features


    Below is a list of the features available to you based on the channel package you select.

    1. One Broadcasting Channel
    2. Unlimited Viewers
    3. High-Resolution1080p HD Bandwith
    4. Frame Rate High 60fps max
    5. Broadcast 24/7
    6. Enhanced Content Protection
    7. No Ads
    1. Featured Image
    2. Pre-Broadcast Highlight Video
    3. Recording of Broadcast
    4. Sidebar w/up to 4 Items
    5. Donation Tip
    6. Disable Chat
    7. Custom/Private Channel
    1. Website Embed Code
    2. Enable Password Protect
    3. Enable Private Broadcast
    4. Custom Background
    5. Private Channel
    6. Share the live broadcast to social media websites
    7. Set-up: Account, Broadcasts, and Updates


    Ways to make money based on your channel package.

    a. Donation Tips | b. Sponsored Ads | c. Grow Your Email List | d. Grow Your List of Followers | e. Ticketing


    View samples of the channels available for you to choose from: Event Package (1x event w/Brand Channel Package) | Basic Channel | Brand Channel


    You can select a one-day live broadcast or a monthly subscription. View Our Pricing Packages: Pricing Packages

    5. 30-DAY TRIAL

    Both of our Channel Packages comes with a 30-Day FREE trial.

    Note: You MUST have OBS Studio which is FREE to download and use with our system. Book a FREE Trial: Booking